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TOWB’s approach to working with stressed Timeshare Resorts brings the quality and respect these projects deserve. I have worked with Dana and Joe Since 2007. First, with THEMVPService, a revolutionary timeshare resale service program, and now…TOWB.

These are changing and challenging times, not only for Timeshare Resorts, but globally. Timeshare projects today are facing a variety of challenges such as: Aging Properties and Ownership, Points Clubs Competition and Timeshare Relief Disinformation. TOMB has the experience and expertise to treat the Owners, the Boards and the Property with the dignity they deserve. Many of us have enjoyed the use of our Timeshares for years, and now, for different circumstances, they may not be performing as they once were. Dana and Joe offer an honest approach to work out the best possible future and outcome for everyone involved.

As a Title and Escrow Company specializing in the Timeshare Industry for over 20 years, we have worked with several Timeshare Solution Companies. Many are just in it for the quick dissolution of the Timeshare. TOWB truly has a passion for the industry that they have been a part of for so long; they bring expertise and sensitivity to working a solution for your Resort.

Leon Basye
RRP President, Vacation Ownership Title Agency, Inc. ARDA Member and Trustee

I have had the privilege of working with Joe and Dana for the past 6 or 7 years now, both as The MVPService LLC and as TOWB. For the past 6 or 7 years, we have been the title company that has handled all of their resales for their customers, both private owners and HOA’s. We have also done a great majority of the deeding process when they work with resorts such as yours whose time has come to repurpose all or part of their resort.

Of all the clients I have worked with, I will say that Joe and Dana and family are just like family to me. I have used Joe to consult with on major business decisions I have had to face and he has done the same with me. While Joe and I may not always agree 100% with each other, I know the advice I am being provided is from the heart and how he sees things. Sometimes, often times, it is good to have the differing opinion to make you look closer at things.

I know many people in the timeshare industry, some are not worth the time and some, like Joe and Dana, become a very integral part of our business. You will not find a more honest and ethical group to work with, and what Joe tells you is real world is indeed how it is and what will happen in the real world. He understands timeshare and how it works legally and ethically better than most.

Your resort, in my personal and professional opinion, would be in very capable hands by having TOWB and Joe and Dana work with you on your repurposing.

Dave Heine
CEO & President of Timeshare Escrow and Title

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