About TOWB

In June of 2007, Joe and Dana Takacs formed TheMVPService LLC, a company dedicated to establishing a commissions-based timeshare resales market without the ridiculous pressure offered in so many places. Today, MVP is proud to be representing over 1,100 units in timeshare associations across Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

In the years since, Joe and Dana have noticed significant consolidation and change in the timeshare market, at times leaving non-branded (often called legacy) properties behind. Yet millions of families depend on these “legacy” properties as their home resort for their vacations.

Joe and Dana chose to fill that need with the formation of TOWB LLC. The purpose of TOWB is to work directly with the boards, creating a healthy partnership and offering independent advice and counsel that is free from obligation.

The two biggest issues that surface at nearly every legacy property are sales and rentals. Without a robust program in both, resorts find it hard to continue. While management companies can often provide a wealth of knowledge and a list of best practices, many of these legacy properties are self-managed and may want to stay that way.

That’s where TOWB comes in. We are here to help and we promise to work with integrity from the start. We bring a mindset built on Christian principles where we treat you like you should be treated. We aren’t perfect by any means, but every day we strive to be honest and honor the God in whom we believe. Combine that with creativity and the courage to try new ideas, and boards will be given the opportunity to listen to people without an agenda and grow their resort in a healthy way.


1500 Town Plaza Court
Winter Springs, FL 32708