Marsh Harbor

– Calabash, NC


The 16 unit timeshare resort (832 intervals) was converted from timeshare to whole ownership during 2018 – Feb 2019. The TOWB team coordinated and finalized deed-backs, foreclosures, transfers and buyouts. TOWB coordinated the acquisition of clean titles for all intervals, re-registered the units as whole ownership condominiums and sold the project with clean insurable title.

16 units converted (entire resort) from timeshare to whole ownership.

Complete search of 100% of intervals – 832.

5 batches of foreclosures – over 200 in total.

15 months start to finish for entire project.

Received all 832 intervals back into the name of the association, no issues and clear title.

TOWB directed and managed the entire process.

Sold entire resort with title policy.

TOWB compensation always based as a percentage of the sales price.

TOWB is not paid a penny until the end.

Marsh Harbour Clubhouse